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Dichloroacetate-sodium-treatment of cancer
discovery_of Canadian scientists

The human body can defeat a cancerous tumor if activated by mitochondria suppressed by the disease. It was such an activator that scientists from the University of Alberta (Canada) found. Dichloroacetate sodium can in this way defeat many types of cancer. A group of scientists headed by professors Archer and Michelakis from the University of Alberta, during many years of work, concluded that sodium dichloroacetate (DCA), used by physicians for decades to treat children with congenital metabolic disorders that develop due to malfunctioning of mitochondria in cells, leads and to the regress of cancerous tumors. Especially it concerns cancer of the lungs, chest and parts of the brain.

During laboratory tests and animal tests, it was found that DCA activates the mitochondrial enzyme, suppressed by the disease, in all types of cancers. Moreover, the normalization of the functions of the organelles leads to a significant decrease in the growth of cancer cells, and these assumptions have been confirmed both by laboratory experiments and by experiments on animals.

Finally, DCA has, in contrast to other drugs used during chemotherapy, small side effects, non-toxic and does not have a depressing effect on healthy tissue cells. According to Professor Michelakis, mitochondria have a very important role in cell life. These organelles regulate the processes of apoptosis (programmed cell death), which takes place in the regulation of the balance between the growth of cells due to their reproduction and natural death. Tumor cells actively suppress their mitochondria, which changes the metabolism of cells. They are able to interfere with the process of their own "programmed cell death" and multiply uncontrolled (which is the essence of metastasis).

DCA radically changes the situation, normalizing the work of mitochondria, actually returning to them the function of self-destruction of sick cells ..

In addition, Michelakis points out that this substance is multidisciplinary. "It can cure most forms of cancer, since all cancers are based on the phenomenon of suppression of mitochondrial activity," the professor adds.

Because of its versatility, dichloroacetate can affect even those cancers that are not available for other drugs, such as brain tumors.

Michelakis also notes that the DCA never patented the substance does not belong to any pharmaceutical company, so that the drug will cost inexpensive, and it will be able to purchase all nuzhdayuschiesya.Issledovateli note that DCA blocks the unique ability of cancer cells to get energy from the entire cell, and not only from mitochondria. This process, called glycolysis, is extremely inefficient and is accompanied by a high consumption of sugar. Until now, it has been thought that cancer cells use glycolysis because their mitochondria are irreversibly damaged. However, Canadian scientists managed to prove that this is not so.

Due to the novelty of the use of dichloroacetate, there is no evidence of drug incompatibility (the exception is lasix).

In February 2008, the data showing that the combination of kofeinizirovannyh teas (and probably coffee), plus the inclusion of high doses of vitamin B1 (500 to 2500mg per day) contributed significantly more efficient use of dichloroacetate were obtained.

Additional effectiveness of the drug was achieved in combination with citric acid (8-12 grams per day), alpha-lipoednoy (or alpha-linoleic) acid, coenzyme cue-10 and indole-3-carbinol.

It is also necessary to increase the alkalinity level of the pH in the body to normal, since low alkalinity provokes metastases.

Sodium dichloroacetate DCA, DSA are white small crystals that are easily soluble in water and alcohol. When the crystals are diluted in a small amount of water, they acquire a pronounced bitter taste.

If the powder taste, there will be feelings of numbness, coolness and

a slight astringent effect.

How to check at home:

1. White crystals of bitter taste.

2. If you add a little water to the powder, the solution will also have a bitter taste.

3. If you dilute the powder with water to a gruel and apply periodically at intervals

in 1 minute for 10 minutes on the skin of the inner surface of the shoulder or forearm

(formed a barely noticeable spot with edging, in 5-10 hours this spot will become more

more redder and sharper. After a day or two the skin on this place can be peeled off.

This verification method is used as a last resort, as it will remain

unpleasant sensations, the stain will itch, itch and a trace from the stain can stay very long.

4.The powder itself is practically odorless (the higher the quality, the less foreign odors). 

5. If you add sulfuric acid to the powder, which is added to the batteries

machines, a small reaction will occur with the release of heat and

smell dichloroacetic acid.

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