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Balsam Bolotova

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Balsam Bolotova 500ml

Balsam Bolotova is used:
1. To stimulate the formation of gastric juice (pepsin).
2. With reduced secretion of gastric juice.
3. With zero acidity of gastric juice.
4.In gravity in the stomach and abdomen, swelling of the intestines, with an unpleasant sensation in the mouth.
5. To dilute blood in the circulatory system.
6. To neutralize the high content of sugar in the blood and purify the vessels from the salts of fatty acids.
7. For rejuvenating the body, due to the increase in the percentage of young cells.
8. For the splitting of old and sick cells, cells that are pathogenic to the body.
9. For the treatment of heartburn, gastritis, hemorrhoids, herpes and other.
10. To normalize the work of the entire gastrointestinal tract.
11. To enhance the body's immunity (when creating mucopolysaccharides).
12. For splitting of plaques in vessels.
13. With atherosclerosis of blood vessels, to prevent stroke, heart attack, arrhythmia.
14.If not closing and weakened doorkeeper 12 duodenum.
15. Balsam is involved in the neutralization of free radicals.
16.With worms and parasites.
17. With intestinal dysbiosis.
18. With candidiasis, thrush, cystitis, pyelonephritis.
19. With polyps, cysts, myomas
20. With cancer, oncology-cancer treatment by Bolotov here
21. With diabetes, increased blood sugar.
22. heals gangrene of legs
23. With apoptosis.
24. Treats golden staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus.
25. Heals psoriasis of any prescription
26. Lowering to normal cholesterol and sugar in the blood.

Ingredients of balsam Bolotov: In 1 liter of water, grape vinegar is 100 ml, 2 teaspoons of concentrated sulfuric acid (98% pure HF is highly pure), then 2 teaspoons of concentrated hydrochloric acid (36% pure HF is highly pure) and 4 tablets of nitroglycerin.

full composition of balsam Bolotova 200ml

250ml_10 $ _1L(5 bottles_to_200ml) _40 $ (without shipping cost)

The total composition of Balot's balm:
In 1 liter of water, 100 ml of grape vinegar (high concentration of pyruvic acid 6% concentration), then 2 teaspoons of concentrated sulfuric acid (highly pure 98%), then 2 teaspoons of concentrated hydrochloric acid (especially pure 36%), in this sequence heavy fraction - sulfuric acid, then light - hydrochloric acid.) and 4 tablets of nitroglycerin. Each component is thoroughly stirred. To increase the effect in the balm add in the amount of 1-3 tablets (ampoules): acetylsalicylic acid, succinic acid, amino acids: methionine, tyrosine, tryptophan. Also supplement balsam with adrenaline and heparin and drop a pod of pepper, which is not only very useful, but also gives the drink a pleasant taste.

Also on sale is concentrated Bolot Balm for sending abroad-in 1 bottle 200 ml of concentrate per 3 liters of balsam and in 1 liter of concentrate per 15 liters of balsam.

Balot's balm is involved in the cleavage of cells damaged:
nitrates, radionuclides, free radicals, carcinogenic substances, various poisons of salts of heavy metals.

Balsam splits all kinds of cancer cells, whose protoplasm is weakened, by the use of amino acid TRIPTOFAN. With its reception is split
(neutralized) the venom of the protein, formed in the AIDS disease.

Often there are questions about the usefulness of "Bolot's Balm", because it includes the same acids (hydrochloric, nitric and sulfuric acids) as in the so-called "royal vodka".
And it, as is known, dissolves many strong metals and was used during executions and tortures. How, knowing all this, you can take it in?
The answer is very simple - it's all about concentration. All acids are in very strong dilution, and, in fact, the agent is an analogue of gastric juice, the amount of which in the body must be constantly increased.

# balsam-bleaching is also used as a preventative. It increases the body's immunity, which helps reduce the risk of various viral diseases, and also prevents stroke and heart attack.

"Balsam" promotes general rejuvenation of the body. "Bolotov Balm" is used to treat a variety of diseases, both severe and chronic, and less serious. He perfectly helps with heartburn, herpes, hemorrhoids, and is the main assistant in the treatment of cancer and AIDS.

It is good to use "Balsam" after sleeping, because it neutralizes the unfavorable substances that accumulate in the body in the process of sleep, and the rest of the day helps to feel cheerful.

Balot's Balm is taken 3-4 times a day during (after) eating, 2 teaspoons for half a cup of water, tea, coffee, and for serious diseases 1-2 tablespoons per half a cup of liquid up to 5 times a day.

BV Bolotov:
"This is not a cure, but the elimination of the reasons that we accumulate in ourselves with the loss of heat of the body, with the loss of salt lymph.

The main element of the gastrointestinal tract is gastric juice.

99% of it is absorbed back into the blood. Gastric juice walks all over the body, splits damaged, dead cells.

He can not dissolve only his own young cells (which is necessary for health).

And the cells do not live long.

Renal cells - live 6 minutes,

Blood cells - three days,

Sex cells - 10 days,

Skin - 6 months, cartilage - up to 1 year.

In a day we die 600 grams of cells (half a kilo of dead meat).

It must be dissolved - it can only make gastric juice.

And it is taken from food.

It consists of acids plus amino acids.

Therefore, we must eat dishes that contain amino acids.

Fish, seafood, meat, dairy products, mushrooms - will form a qualitative gastric juice.

To help comes the replacement of gastric juice - balm Bolotov ("royal vodka").

Crocodiles do not get sick at all.

Viruses do not take root.

It's all about the gastric juice.

The crocodile is 70 times stronger than acids - almost natural.

1 tsp at Art. water - for human (dilute).

Harm from the balm Bolotov no - for 20 years it is proved.

You do not get sick.

Eliminated gangrene (drink glasses of balsam) - the regeneration of individual parts of the body.

There will be no disease, herpes, AIDS, cholera, plague.

There are cases of cure for AIDS.

Bolotov's balm is drunk in a diluted form through a straw, like a cocktail (to save tooth enamel from acids), or directly
add to food while eating.

The minimum dose, sufficient to start treatment in complex and neglected cases, is 1 teaspoon 4 times a day. The maximum dosage is 2 tablespoons four times a day. Take balm immediately after sleep and after each meal, you can before eating. It is necessary to begin in practically healthy people with a minimal dose. Each week, add 1 teaspoonful of "Bolotov Balm" -

Drink 4 times a day for 1 spoonful. This dose is dissolved in water, yoghurt, kefir, tea. spoon for the reception. As soon as any aggravation is felt, we miss the day of reception and return to the dose that was the previous week. Aggravation is a sign that the body has the strength to purify and improve. Exacerbations contribute to the complete elimination of chronic diseases: all your ailments will manifest themselves in the order opposite to the chronology of illnesses, but in a much more mild form. 1 tablespoon (15 ml) contains 3 teaspoons. A greater amount of balsam will exceed the quantities of lemon juice tested for centuries, taken daily by the sailors of the British fleet.

Calculation of the acidity of "Balm Bolotov"

Increased acidity does not happen! The highest acidity - in a healthy newborn baby - PH = 1,2. Boris Bolotov

In order to avoid questions about the acidity of the "Balm Bolotov" and its usefulness, let us give a calculation of its acidity. "Bolotov Balm" is a mixture prepared by dissolving in 1 liter of water, 1 tablespoon of concentrated sulfuric acid (H2SO4), 1 tablespoon of concentrated hydrochloric acid (HCl), half a glass (100 ml) of grape vinegar and 4 tablets of nitroglycerin. Calculate the acidity of this "balm".

40 ml H2SO4 and HCl - pH 0.08

100 + 40 ml - x

X = (140 * 0.08) / 40 = pH 0.28

140 ml - pH 0.28

1000 ml - x

X = (1000 * 0.28) / 140 = pH 2.0

That is, the real pH of "Balm Bolotov" without taking into account the acidity of grape vinegar is 2.0. The relationship between the titration units of free hydrochloric acid and the pH value of gastric juice

After eating, rinse your teeth with soda - an alkaline aqueous solution, or brush with toothpaste.

Use only a plastic spoon for balm! Drink through a straw!

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